Intel Leixlip

Leixlip is home to a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility and the Movidius Engineering team.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts at Intel Ireland

Intel Ireland's Leixlip campus, located in County Kildare, began operations in 1989. Since then, Intel has invested $15 billion in turning the 360-acre former stud farm into one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing locations in Europe. This is the largest private investment ever made in the history of the Irish State. Today, more than 4,500 people work at the campus in Leixlip.

The Leixlip campus is home to a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility which, in recent years, has undergone an upgrade project that has enabled the site to be a key location for production of Intel’s 14nm process technology. The leading-edge silicon microprocessors which are manufactured in Ireland are at the heart of a variety of platforms and technology advancements which are essential to the way we learn, live, and work today.

The Irish fab operations have consistently played a central role within Intel’s global manufacturing network and we have also leveraged our advanced manufacturing capability and world class infrastructure to develop new competencies for Intel in the areas of research and design.

In September 2016 Intel announced the acquisition of Movidius, a company that is transforming the future of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate innovation for the next generation of smart and connected devices. Movidius is at the forefront of a new era of computing that enables new levels of intelligence for edge devices (cameras, drone, robots, etc.) by delivering low-power, high-performance SoC platforms in the area of computer vision.

Movidius was co-founded in Dublin in 2005 by David Moloney and Seán Mitchell and acquired by Intel in 2016. This acquisition brought with it algorithms tuned for deep learning inference, depth processing, navigation and mapping, and natural interactions, as well as broad expertise in embedded computer vision and machine intelligence. The Movidius Engineering team operates out of three primary locations in Ireland, Romania and North America. The Ireland team are based at the Leixlip campus and specialise in leading edge computer vision IP and hardware development.

Additionally, there is a dedicated team of employees involved in Silicon Nanoelectronics Research who collaborate with research institutes such as the CRANN Nanoscience Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin and the Tyndall National Research Institute in Cork. Intel also collaborates with universities and other companies in Ireland through several different initiatives, including having specific partnership agreements with a number of third level institutions across the country.

The work that we undertake at our Leixlip campus is world class and unique in terms of its scale and complexity and has had a very significant impact on both the local and national economy in many ways. For example, Intel Ireland contributes €1.08 billion each year to the Irish economy and supports 6,669 full time equivalent jobs in the economy which are in addition to the 4,900 people working for Intel. We support 771 Irish suppliers with who we spend €284 million every year. In the past 3 years Intel have donated more than €3 million to communities across Ireland and every year we contribute €1.3 million to education initiatives.

Find Out More About the Leixlip Campus

With a population of employee’s equivalent to a small town, the Intel Ireland campus in Leixlip is home to a vibrant and dynamic mixture of activities and a diverse collection of people.

Enabling a Strong Safety Culture

In our complex manufacturing environment at our Leixlip campus, the number one priority is always safety and leading the way on our world class safety standard is our site Emergency Response Team (ERT). Find out more about our ERT Team.

David Neville

The ERT team is led by David Neville who is the Emergency Manager at Intel Ireland.

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Michael and Adam Newe

Father and Son, Michael and Adam Newe are both volunteer members of Intel’s Emergency Response Team.

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Raj Chandappan

Raj Chandappan is a DERT- a Dedicated Emergency Responder – at Intel.

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Myles Devine

Myles Devine now an ERT Leader, joined the Intel Leixlip ERT team 20 years ago.

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Joanna Cahill

Joanna Cahill joined Intel’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) almost 7 years ago after becoming a Group Leader on the shift ‘D’ work pattern.

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Richard Durkin

Richard Durkin explains how invaluable the ERT training is, inside and outside the workplace.

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