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The Leixlip Campus

With a population of employee’s equivalent to a small town, the Intel Ireland campus in Leixlip is home to a vibrant and dynamic mixture of activities and a diverse collection of people.

The core activity at the Leixlip campus is advanced manufacturing and our factories operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with maximum efficiency and quality to produce fast, smart, and more energy-efficient computer chips.

The campus incorporates a series of advanced facilities, utilities and supporting infrastructure that combine together to enable production of some of the most complex technology in the world. 

Traffic Management

We work closely together with our surrounding community to ensure that any impacts are kept to the minimum possible. We continually monitor traffic and work to alleviate traffic levels in and around our site in a number of different ways:

  • For a number of years, we have had a dedicated traffic management team on site with the purpose of monitoring traffic and making changes to the traffic management system on site as necessary
  • We regularly engage with Kildare County Council, Local District Councilors and our Community Advisory Panel who provide feedback and input on a broad range of topics, including traffic management.
  • We have a Mobility Management Program in place at our campus. As part of this program, we have implemented a number of successful measures to encourage single occupancy car trips to the site and decrease the overall number of cars arriving to the Leixlip site. Further details about this program are shared on this page.
  • We have a number of security personnel and traffic marshals onsite to managing incoming and outgoing traffic.

We also carry out regular independent studies on traffic levels in the north Kildare region. Through these studies, we have noted that there is a significant increase in overall traffic levels in this region (20% since 2016). As a result of this, our traffic management team has implemented a number of additional measures on our site to alleviate any impact we may have which include, increased personnel on the ground directing traffic around the site and into free carpark spaces, staggered delivery times for larger vehicles and increased security staff and equipment in order to reduce waiting times at security barriers.

Parking Facilities

The Leixlip campus has a number of different parking facilities available for employees working at our campus on a permanent basis. These include multi-storey parking facilities, which provide a significant number of car parking spaces in an optimized manner, as well as a number of outdoor parking areas that accommodate multiple parking bays. These parking areas incorporate several prioritised spaces that are available for employees who participate in carpooling activities as well as spaces that facilitate electric vehicle charge points. All employees who use these parking facilities must have first registered their vehicle and a regular patrol system is in place to ensure that the parking areas are only occupied by registered vehicles.

During times of construction activity at our campus the number of people working on-site may increase and in turn may require the availability of additional parking facilities. The existing parking areas can accommodate a small increase in addition to the regular users but for any sizeable activity the parking facilities will typically be facilitated offsite. For any parking facilities located offsite, these are operated in a ‘park and ride’ manner with regular bus shuttles running between the offsite location and the Intel campus. Car pooling of those using the park and ride facilities is strongly encouraged and very well utilised. In order to minimise any potential impact to local parking areas during times of activity at the Leixlip campus, we put in place a number of additional parking marshals who monitor key areas at regular intervals during the day. If any parking issues are noted, such as incidences of people who are working at the Intel campus and parking in nearby local areas, follow up measures are taken, and necessary actions are put in place to ensure that they use the parking facilities available to them at alternate locations. We continuously monitor the parking situation closely and put in place additional measures that may be required to ensure that local parking facilities are not being used inappropriately.

Additional Information About ‘Mobility Management’ Program:

Additional Information About ‘Mobility Management’ Program:

  • Intel has secure weather-proof bicycle parking adjacent to all main entrances for employees to park their bikes.
  • Intel offers the Bike to Work scheme to employees – a tax efficient scheme whereby employees can purchase a bicycle and accessories.
  • Intel also provides storage lockers and shower facilities in main office buildings for those that require their use after travel to work.
  • Intel provides storage lockers and shower facilities in main buildings for those that require their use after travel to work.
  • Intel offers the Tax Saver scheme to employees – a tax efficient scheme whereby employees can purchase train and bus tickets at a reduced rate.
  • There are nearby bus stops and a train station within walking distance which are used by employees.
  • Intel has an internal website and database to help employees set up a car-pool group and meet others interested in carpooling. 
  • Intel have priority car-pooling parking spaces adjacent to main building entrances – only car-poolers are authorised to park in these spaces.

Shuttle Bus

  • As there is no public transport route between Celbridge and Leixlip, Intel provides a shuttle bus, (free of charge), to transport employees.

Construction Activity at the Leixlip Campus

In December 2018 we shared that we were in the early planning phase for manufacturing site expansions in Ireland, Oregon, and Israel, with multiyear construction activities set to begin in 2019.

As members of our community will be familiar with, in Ireland – at the Leixlip campus – we are progressing with the early phases of a multiyear construction activity. We have compiled below a short summary of key activities that have been undertaken as part of this ongoing early construction activity. As is always the case, site expansion and the related investment are taken in stages and are subject to change based on business, economic and other factors.

At the beginning of 2019, early excavation work began at the site with rock spoil being transferred to a disused quarry site in Huntstown where it can be reclaimed for land use. This excavation work continued throughout 2019 and is still underway at the campus today.

Another activity which has been undertaken in this early phase is the construction of a pile wall which was built to retain, and protect, existing structures onsite during the construction activity. Additionally, some foundation pads have been constructed and, in the later part of 2019, we began to see concrete pours at the site as we started to construct the likes of exterior walls.

In 2019 we also began the construction of a new multi-storey parking structure at the campus.

Another key activity which took place in 2019 was the re-alignment of the R148 roadway which took place in order to minimise impact of ongoing construction activity. The re-aligned R148 roadway opened in November last and takes traffic for a short distance on a new alternate route which runs close to the existing R148 roadway. The alternate route is only in effect in the area to the front of the Intel campus and will ensure that the impact of ongoing construction activity is minimised. The opening of the re-aligned road included a number of features such as an upgraded traffic lights system with smart technology and cycle and walkways on both sides of road. We will continue to keep members of our local community updated as we move through construction activities.

COVID-19 and Our Construction Site

At Intel, our top priority is the health and safety. In this unprecedented pandemic, we are committed to doing everything in our power to slow the spread and mitigate the impact of COVID-19. For the construction activity that is being undertaken at our site, we have implemented a wide range of carefully controlled safety measures.

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New Multi Storey car park at the Intel Leixlip campus

•In July 2019, some existing ground level parking bays at the Intel campus in Leixlip were closed to prepare for future parking needs on the site. Using eco friendly low Carbon cement, thousands of precast units were pieced together to form a new 5 story car park. The parking facility has capacity for 2,200 cars and ample electric car charging stations on each level. Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), which is a recycled material, is used in the mix design of the concrete in order to increase the recycled content of the concrete and reduce the environmental impact of a structure or precast element.

•Construction of the car park was completed in just over a year and on August 17th 2020 the facility was officially opened by Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott and Intel Ireland Director of Construction, Niall Dillon.