Investing in the Future

In an effort to more than double Intel’s available manufacturing space in Ireland, we have invested an additional $7 billion from 2019 to 2021 in an ongoing expansion. This investment is designed to bring Intel’s latest generation 7nm process technology to the region.


We Are Hiring

Life has changed, there’s no getting away from that. And with those changes comes a time to rethink. To rethink what’s important to you when it comes to your career, your life, your world.


Find out More about Intel in Ireland

Since 1989, Intel has invested $22 billion in Ireland creating one of the most advanced industrial campus’ in Europe. Today, alongside advanced manufacturing, Intel in Ireland has come to represent a diversity of activities across the spectrum of Intel business from cutting edge research to design. Learn more.


Stories from the Rye Podcast Series

In 'Stories from the Rye' we invite you to take a walk with broadcaster Liam Geraghty along the banks of the River Rye in Kildare to explore the river, with all its twists and turns. The 4-part podcast series includes perspectives from biologists and conservationists that help uncover the story of this unique waterway through history.