Emma Jane - Manufacturing Technician

Emma Jane

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I suppose I’ve always really liked maths and making stuff. That’s why I chose to study mechanical engineering in school. When I applied for a job with Intel, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I remember it felt like a really friendly environment. Practically speaking, I work at the end of the microchip production line. It moves fast, so you have to problem solve and get your head around different projects as they come. There are four of us on my team. We divide the duties and monitor the product dispatches. In this work, timing is important. It’s our job to move the production process along while avoiding delays.

When you start here, everything is new to you. You’re using what you learned in school, but it’s much more in-depth than college. Everything you’ve studied so far starts to come into focus. I think it’s cool that I learn something new every day. It’s also great that Intel is open to hearing from us. We have an improvement tracker, where we can log new ideas or suggestions for improvements. Our managers listen to us and then we get to see our ideas in action. I love that we are able to make a difference, even in such a big company.

Like most STEM industries, there are definitely more men than women. Intel encourages inclusion and diversity and different employee support groups (ERG) exists. I recently took on a leadership position in the Women at Intel Network (WIN) ERG. We’re a group of women who get together once in a while to provide networking and support opportunities for each other. The lads are all great here, but sometimes you just need to connect with the girls, you know? We talk about our experiences, share learnings and expand our networks. In addition to our team nights out, we have nights out, too! It’s nice to know you have an expanded network and friends outside of your normal team.

Another thing I really like about my job at Intel are the benefits. They offer health coverage and an on-campus wellness centre. The canteen has really healthy food options, which change every month. We even have on-site hair and nail salons! The recreation area has pool tables, air hockey, and TVs. There are sporting clubs and lots of social events. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere where you feel taken care of. When you’re permanent, Intel also offers continued education. I’d like to get my Level 8 at some point.

On the factory floor, the teams wear uniforms, which can make it hard to recognise each other. When I first started, I couldn’t tell anyone apart. Now, after a year, I recognise my coworkers by something as small as their walk. I think this says a lot about the atmosphere at Intel—everyone is equal, we’re all part of one team. Uniforms make it hard to judge someone by their appearance; you have to get to know them first. It’s a very open, accepting environment.

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