Grad life at Intel

Amazing works here

This is the place to shine

There are people from all disciplines and walks of life working at Intel but they do have more than that one thing in common. They’re also all curious, driven, animated and excited about the work they do. Here you can discover a little about some of our graduates - their experiences, the projects that really interest them and what it is that motivates them to change the world. It’s the diversity of their backgrounds - mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical - that helps keep Intel at the forefront of the industry, and it’s their ability to problem solve and think differently that allows us to say with confidence ‘Amazing works here’.

No two days are ever the same

Life’s never boring at Intel. Every one of us is happy to be involved in challenging work and to collaborate with like-minded, curious people. In that way, our employees have an impact on Intel every bit as big as the impact that Intel has on them. Every day there are problems to solve, processes to improve and amazing people to learn from. And every day we are stretched and challenged, but we’re never, ever, bored.

Discover how every day is different for Abel.

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Keep moving it forward

As a company, we’re obsessed with progress and that’s no different when it comes to your career than when it comes to our technology. Our graduates get the opportunity to grow, to learn new skills and as they do, new doors open. From pivoting to different parts of the company, to the chance to travel to different countries, every step taken will be one of discovery.

Alicia chose Intel as the perfect place to grow her career.

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Grads not grades

Academic results can only tell you so much about a person. We’ll take it as read that you’re smart. What we’re looking for are people with the right kind of attitude. And what is that attitude? An open mind, a curious nature and the ability and willingness to take on board the training and development that will come your way. We don’t expect you to have all the answers from day one - we’d rather see you asking the right questions. You bring you and we’ll bring the tools to make you amazing.

Since starting at Intel, Maeve's career has started to soar.

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Make an amazing start

There’s a reason we say ‘Amazing works here’ - it’s because we’re justifiably proud and occasionally in awe of our incredible co-workers. Intel is an amazing place to begin your career, not just because you’ll be working for one of the most well respected companies in the world, but because you’ll learn so much from your colleagues, grow to become an expert in your field, and gather experiences that you won’t find bettered anywhere in the world.

Amandeep starts every day knowing she’ll make an impact.

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There is no right qualification

You’ll be guided and trained at Intel, so we’re not just looking for people who appear to have the right degree. We welcome graduates from all backgrounds - we have chemists, mechanics, electronic engineers all working in fields that they might not have imagined when they first left college. It’s those different perspectives - that blend of approaches - that makes Intel such a dynamic and forward looking place to work.

Chris is a problem solver, at Intel he’s making a real difference.

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