Chris Hobbs


  • Problem-solving PhD Chris found his home at Intel.

  • Check out what life had in store for him as a Grad recruit.



I’ve been a student most of my life. After secondary school, I studied Physics and Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin. I really enjoyed university and felt compelled to complete postgraduate research. I chose Nano and Materials Science. I had a brilliant experience exploring these fields, but as graduation approached, I knew I didn’t want to become a full-time academic. I was much more interested in applying the science I’d spent so much time learning. I wanted to move into industry work and use the skills I’d gained during my Ph.D. programme.

After realising that I wanted to pursue industry work, I had a lot to think about. Should I go abroad? Stay in Ireland? Where would I work? There are many technology companies in Ireland and I did attend a few interviews, but, at the end of the day, Intel stood out. The unmatched professionalism, excellent reputation, amazing facilities, and collaborative environment all attracted me to the position at Intel. Six months ago, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a Process Engineer in the Metrology Group.

I’m passionate about problem solving. I loved studying for my Ph.D. because, yes, I’m interested in science—but postgraduate programmes are really focused on the soft skills. It’s all about how we learn, how we solve problems, and how we do these things together, as a team. In my role at Intel, I use these particular skills every day. Without getting too technical, my department measures the activity taking place as each Intel device is crafted. We monitor manufacturing, equipment maintenance, and quality control, all to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, we are responsible for communicating with each other, working as one, and collaboratively creating ways to improve each process. This is where my skills as a problem-solver and team player really pay off. If there’s an issue on the factory floor, we work together to find a solution. It’s extremely satisfying to know that when you solve a problem on the job, you’re actually making a difference. Here, your work is recognised and customers will directly experience the improvement. 

The culture at Intel encourages teamwork and excellence. But it’s not all work and no play! Opportunities for social engagement are everywhere. There are always events happening, from sport to music to holiday celebrations. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy coming into work every day; I’m executing an important job with people who actually get along. It’s a nice environment to walk into. I feel lucky to be part of a team that’s bringing great science to the real world—and enjoying ourselves while we do so.