Amandeep Kaur


  • Amandeep moved from India to Ireland and life at Intel.

  • Discover how she found fitting into her new job in the middle of the pandemic.



When you first start at Intel, you feel supported—you don’t feel lost. You are properly trained in your area. It’s an ideal place for a new hire.

I moved to Ireland from India five years ago. Since then, I’ve completed my PhD and started a new job as a Micro Process Engineer with Intel. I first heard about the opportunity with Intel while I was still working on my PhD. The company organised a competition on campus and I realised they were also looking for students interested in moving from academia to industry.

I knew Intel had a global name with a strong culture of innovation and creativity. I also learned that, because of the size of Intel and the number of different departments there, it is easy to transition jobs within the company as you advance. All of this convinced me that Intel was the most suitable option for my future.

Although my thesis work was not directly related to my new job, I realised that many of the skills I gained at university would be helpful to me here. While studying, I learned to be an analytical thinker, gained leadership qualities, and knew how to work as part of a team. I also had experience in project management and coding. Intel is a place where I can implement all of these skills.

When I first started at Intel, I found the New Employee Orientation programme very helpful. This training included an overview of Intel and basic information about my job. The Intel buddy system is also great. I was assigned a more experienced employee to help me through the transition. They answered all of my questions and acted as my guide to Intel.

My onboarding was unique, because I started my new position at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. This meant that all of my orientation was done while working from home! My managers did a great job of staying connected and making me feel like part of the team, even though we weren’t together in person. We made very good use of Skype!

A typical day as a Micro Process Engineer at Intel starts with a pass-down meeting. The team meets in the Fab to discuss plans for the day. We review the challenges we are facing and how we will solve these problems. As a new hire, I spend time with manufacturing technicians who give me overviews of various tools and how they work. I also participate in training sessions, which keeps things interesting and exciting.

My role is great because I never stop learning. Each day, there is a new challenge to overcome—and there’s no better feeling than finding a solution! It’s great to be part of a team, working with others to be productive and make an impact.

To graduates, I would say: If you’re looking for a challenge and a place to grow, choose Intel. I think it’s important to know that when you first start at Intel, you feel supported—you don’t feel lost. You are properly trained in your area and your team is there to look after you. You will learn and develop more each day, learning by doing and growing into your responsibilities. It’s an ideal place for a graduate to begin.