Kerrie Horan


  • I came to Intel through an internship.

  • I’m a member of the Women in Intel Network, a group that promotes women in technology.



At Intel, we work hard but it’s exciting work. My job is to make computer chips. I own one section of the line in the factory, which means I’m in charge of quality control. I have to maintain hardware, software, and everything else that goes into making sure the end product is good.

I came to Intel through an internship. I was at Trinity College for Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. After my stint as an intern, I came on board full time as a manufacturing engineer. Excitingly, I was given the opportunity to learn my trade in Portland, Oregon for a year. As a young graduate, it was so exciting to work abroad. In the winter, we went snowboarding and skiing. In summer, we were at the beach or travelling around the U.S. All the while, we were enhancing our skillset and were able to bring that back to our jobs in Ireland.

When I got back to Ireland, I moved to the process engineering department at Intel. We have so many different skill sets on our team. We all share duties, which makes the work more efficient and keeps us to a higher standard. The job is busy, but there is the flexibility to take time out when you need it. Being a mom of two, this is important to me. The teams also go on nights out and socialise when we can. I met my husband at Intel! We work hard, but we get to have fun, too.

One of the best things about Intel is the diversity and emphasis on inclusion. I’m a member of the Women in Intel Network, a group that promotes women in technology. Statistically, men and women working together yields better results. Intel works hard to make sure women feel at home here. We organise events and try to connect with women in other departments. Intel was recently nominated for a Women in Technology award in Ireland. It’s great to be recognised for the great work we’re doing with women here at Intel.

This is an exciting company to work for. You’re working on the leading technologies, solving issues and creating products that will go into cars, computers, A.I. and all different aspects of people’s lives. Here, you’re part of making those things happen. What an amazing process to participate in! Intel really is the future.