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The Irish Center for Manufacturing Research (ICMR)

The Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR) is a unique all-Ireland cross-sector research community of large, medium and small companies focused on delivering productivity and cost saving breakthroughs in common area’s of research.

The centre mission is to establish a collaborative culture where senior engineers and researchers from industry and academia work in partnership in a common framework to drive manufacturing research and innovation.

Current Projects

Virtual Metrology (VM) and Predictive Maintenance (PM)

•Focused on developing tools and methodologies in support of Dynamic Sampling strategies and Equipment Life Cycle analysis. 

•It is expected that these projects will yield significant manufacturing efficiency improvements for our partners.

Tacit Knowledge Management

Much of Ireland’s industrial base includes manufacturing companies who employ mid-high skilled employees. Typical job functions involve significant training investment to get employees to the skill level that adds value to the company, as well the investment of time that employees require to develop a broad experience of how to react to different issues, both of which come at a cost. Projects that can reduce the time to develop skilled employees, as well as broaden the skill base within the company can reduce cost, increase productivity and improve manufacturing performance.

Cycle Time

The ICMR is actively driving a number of projects in the area of Manufacturing Cycle Time Reduction.  These include the development of sustainable model based decision support systems and cycle time variability analysis and quantification.

Meet Our Researchers:

Dr. Fergus Quilligan studied Experimental Physics at University College, Dublin and obtained a PhD in physics in 2001, working onsite with both the European Space Agency and NASA.

He joined Intel in 2001, and worked in Intel’s development site in California on the development of 0.13 micron Flash memory technology.

He returned to Ireland and has since worked in a yield analysis & process integration role, leading the yield analysis team. He owned the yield improvement roadmap for Intel’s 0.13 micron Flash technology and pioneered the development of yield modelling capabilities for Flash memory in Intel. In 2010 he took up a research role for Intel working with the ICMR.

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