Intel Ireland wins Excellence in Communications award

Intel Ireland picked up the first ever Excellence in Communications award at the County Kildare Chamber Awards 2022




Pictured are Intel's Conor Halpin and Sarah Sexton

Intel Ireland has picked up the first ever Excellence in Communications award at the County Kildare Chamber awards 2022. The award, which is sponsored by Eirgrid, seeks to recognise best in class communication strategy and implementation including communication design, range, techniques and channels, both offline and online.

Intel Ireland picked up the award at a ceremony which took place on Thursday November 24th. Intel’s comprehensive communication strategy based on dynamic themes, an innovative approach to delivering technical communications and the utilisation of digital platforms were some of the key aspects considered in the selection of the winning company. For example, Intel’s strong focus on the area of environmental communications was considered, delivering a number of innovative campaigns across our communication channels, such as the Intel Ireland Water story and the ‘What do you see’ animation series.