Intel Innovation 2022 Day 1 Broadcast (Replay)

Watch Day 1 coverage of Intel Innovation – including a keynote by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.



Day 1 of Intel Innovation 2022 was Tuesday, Sept. 27. The two-day event in San Jose, California, includes keynotes, presentations and live coverage to build a framework for those attending remotely. Day 1 coverage includes:

Keynote: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger welcomes developers to Innovation and focuses on Intel’s belief in openness, choice and trust for every member of the developer community.

Before the Keynote: Innovation Live! sets the context for Intel’s Day 1 presentations at Innovation 2022. Commentary and interviews with Intel executives start the two-day event rolling.

After the Keynote: Innovation Live! returns to take a deeper dive into the keynote’s news announcements and disclosures. Hosts also offer a preview of what will be delivered during Day 2’s broadcast, which starts at 8 a.m. PDT Wednesday, Sept. 28.

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