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This PR contact page is for journalists and industry analysts. If you are not a journalist or analyst, please visit the Intel contact website to reach the appropriate person at Intel. If you are a journalist or an industry analyst, start an email by clicking on the correct regional link below. It will create an email (and, please, only send one) in which you must include:

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Media assets are free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use; they are restricted for use for other purposes. Any use of image assets must credit “Intel Corporation” as the copyright holder.

Content Types

News: The latest news from Intel Corporation, including reports about its financial reports, corporate partnerships, newest tools and products, leadership and events.

Opinion: Contextual news about Intel Corporation’s most recent partnerships, acquisitions and decision-making, presented by the company’s top leaders.

Resources: Press kits of information about Intel Corporation’s newest high-tech product lines and international events, including multimedia offerings from Intel Corporation, including B-roll video, and product and event photos.

Executive Leadership: Biographies of Intel Corporation’s top leaders, including an index of all senior leaders and board of director members.

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