2015–2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report

This report highlights technology trends driving rapid innovation across our enterprise in productivity, digitization, and cybersecurity. We showcase how Intel IT capitalizes on new technologies to create business value and become a catalyst for organizational transformation.

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Social Collaboration and Mobile Computing

Ready for wireless collaboration with the Intel® Unite™ Solution? Watch a quick video and learn about Intel® IT's best practices for easily setting up smart conference rooms. Read the white paper to learn more details and get started transforming your environment.

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After evaluating a variety of mobile computing devices, Intel IT began offering enterprise Ultrabook™ devices to our employees in 2012. Enterprise Ultrabook™ devices can handle employees' daily workloads and IT security requirements, while also meeting expectations for convenience and productivity.

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As the industry evolves toward OS as a service, Intel IT is modifying several of our operating system deployment best practices to accommodate the emerging OS-as-a-service model, where OS updates are delivered continuously.

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Big Data, Analytics, and IoT

To better secure Hadoop*, Intel IT has migrated to Cloudera Enterprise software and replaced perimeter-only security with protection at the perimeter, access, visibility, and data levels.

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Intel and industry-wide organizations, are leading the effort to establish smart building standards and messaging protocols for non-manufacturing buildings that allow vendors to provide integrated solutions that can become as reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective as in Intel's smart factories.

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In today’s fast-paced business world, rapid, data-driven decisions are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. This is especially important for Intel’s supply chain, which spans order-taking, resource procurement, manufacturing, testing, and final delivery of product.

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Cloud and Data Center Solutions

IT@Intel White Paper: Intel IT’s transformative data center strategy results in improved cost efficiency and resource utilization.

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Intel IT helps Intel boost sales and marketing efforts using optimized data mining and machine learning for accelerated insights.

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Intel IT study shows that private cloud hosts using an Intel® SSD for host swap cache, in a memory-constrained environment, were the most efficient.

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Enterprise Security

SaaS applications and services are increasing as they can provide efficiency and agility, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration especially with suppliers and customers. However, they can pose security issues. Intel IT developed several best practices that can help an enterprise minimize risk in the cloud.

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Intel IT is developing a beyond-the-edge security strategy that will enhance security in our environment. This new strategy addresses several drawbacks with today's approach to security.

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There is a lot of info out there about information security – but much of it is so abstract that it’s hard to put to use. In contrast, the Insider Threat Field Guide is a practical and comprehensive guide for protecting the enterprise against all forms of insider threat.

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IT Leadership

Intel IT Chief Information Security Officer Brent Conran discusses how, as technologies become smarter and more connected, the threat surface that we all must defend is expanding at an unprecedented speed. Cybersecurity is absolutely a top priority in boardrooms across every industry. How do we strike the right balance between security and the needs of the business?

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John Mahvi, the Client Platform Product Manager for Intel IT, discusses our PC refresh strategy both past and present, and how we justify a regular refresh of our PC fleet and other client devices by showing advantages in manageability, productivity, increased security and lower overall costs.

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Shesha Krishnapura, Intel IT Chief Technology Officer, discusses how Intel IT has used design best practices to convert two wafer-fabrication facilities into high-density data centers with extreme energy efficiency.

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