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Intel Labs in Ireland

Driving technology solutions through research and innovation

Intel Labs Europe (ILE)

Intel Research, Development and Innovation in Europe is driven by a network of research, product development and innovation labs spanning the region as well as a variety of Intel business units.  Intel Labs Europe (ILE) was formally established in early 2009 as a central means of coordinating activities across a diverse and extensive network, and to strengthen and improve Intel’s alignment with European Research and Development.  The ILE network consists of more than fifty R&D locations employing more than 5,000 R&D professionals.

Intel Labs Europe Open Lab Concept

Intel Labs Europe operates three Open Labs across the European network of R&D locations and they are located in Leixlip, Ireland; Munich, Germany; and Istanbul, Turkey.

The mission of the Open Labs is to facilitate and enhance open research and innovation opportunities for Intel in Europe, opportunities that can in turn be converted into various broadly based and value-driven technology solutions.  In addition, the Open Labs have an internal role to act as a catalyst of open research and innovation activities for the Intel R&D network in Europe.  

An important objective of these labs is to make it easier for industry and academia to cooperate with Intel on joint research programs.  As an example the Labs enable and host open innovation activities such as participation in the EU Commission Horizon 2020 research activities and joint innovation programs with leading European companies and universities, as well as engagement with high potential technology start-ups.

Intel Labs Europe Open Lab – Ireland

The ILE Open Lab - Ireland, located on the Intel Ireland campus in Leixlip, Co. Kildare, is home to two research labs; the IoT (Internet of Things) Systems Research Lab and the Cloud Services Lab.  The Open Lab’s facilities include physical laboratories, offices, meeting and demo spaces as well as innovation/collaboration studio spaces.

The IoT Systems Research Lab conducts research focused on the Internet of Things with a particular emphasis on distributed edge computing, Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, IoT Applications, and data analytics.  The Lab also manages a Connected Cities research portfolio which includes the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities located in London - www.cities.io. The IoT Systems Research Lab applies a ‘Living Lab’ approach for elements of its research by developing open-innovation ecosystems and partnerships to validate research through real world deployments and test beds. The Living Lab concept has been used in a number of cities including in Dublin, London and San Jose, California.

The Cloud Services Lab’s research agenda is focused on interoperability, dependability and platform/service differentiation for Cloud Computing across compute, storage, and network technologies.  Specific research topics include instrumentation and manageability of Cloud and Network infrastructures, open interface specifications, service level agreements, context awareness, and digital preservation.  The Lab’s research output includes usage models, prototypes, technologies, and open standards which enable dependable cloud environments and support automatic discovery and selection of optimal platform services.  The Lab is also actively advancing management framework processes for technology adoption.


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