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Please note: the closing date for this program is October 6th 2019.


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Section 1 – Intel Personal Release Form


  • Students aged 16 and over - All applicants are required to print a copy of the Intel Personal Release form (available at the link below), to complete the form, including signature and to then return a scanned copy of the completed form to

 *Note: Applicants under 18 years of age must have their release form signed by a parent/guardian.


Applications submitted online cannot be considered until this information is received.


Click here for the Intel Personal Release Form


Intel is required to gather personal information from those applying for scholarships in order to communicate with applicants and assess eligibility of submissions received. Intel may also require that information pertaining to successful applicants (such as name, image, likeness, quotes or any portion thereof) be shared in Intel Marketing and Promotional Activities.


Section 2 - Personal Information