Driving Environmental Sustainability

Intel and the Environment

Since 1989 we have developed our site in Leixlip to become one of the most complex manufacturing locations in the world where we proudly produce products that are powering the global digital infrastructure upon which our modern society relies.

These complex operations have a heritage of mindful manufacturing – it’s something that is in our DNA. Intel’s founders instilled a strong commitment to environmental responsibility that lives on today.

This commitment to sustainability has been unwavering and we strive to pursue new ways to reduce emissions and improve energy management through conservation, renewable energy, efficient building design, and other efforts.

Explore Intel

Explore Intel is a dedicated online resource to promote corporate transparency by sharing information on our environmental performance. You can find information about Intel Ireland environmental metrics, campus features and governance materials at the Explore Intel site.

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The Rye River

The Rye Water has been linked to the inhabitants of its valley through time, from the water-powered mills of centuries past to the present technologically advanced computer age. The Rye Water is one of the significant salmon spawning tributaries of the Liffey and an important and valued environmental feature of the Intel Leixlip campus.


Limnological Survey

Each year Intel commissions AQUENS Ltd., who provide independent service for assessment of environmental issues in inland surface water, to conduct a limnological survey of the Rye Water. The main focus of the study is to assess the water quality of the Rye Water and a main tributary upstream of Intel Leixlip campus using the macroinvertebrate community as bioindicators, and to assess the salmonid populations in the surveyed stretches.

The annual fish survey contributes important data to the long term dataset of the water allowing trend analysis to determine how fish populations fluctuate over long periods of time in response to prevailing environmental and water quality conditions. This assessment also serves to determine if any short-term impacts are occurring along the Rye Water near Intel or if any significant impacts are originating further upstream. These surveys, which have taken place since 1992, provide a valuable long time data series for both the macroinvertebrates and salmonids, which is unique in this respect as no similar long-term assessment has been made anywhere else on the island of Ireland. Please click here to request a copy of the latest Limnological survey.

The Remarkable Rye River

Since first establishing operations at the Leixlip campus in 1989 Intel has been aware of the rich biodiversity contained within parts of our site and also the significance of the Rye water and its Valley. Intel has a long standing commitment to the monitoring of the river through the funding of detailed annual reports that provide extensive resources on features of the Rye.

This detailed monitoring of the River Rye, one of the longest running continuous freshwater assessments of salmonid populations, reached an important milestone in 2012 as it was the 20th year of reporting. To mark this occasion, and to share the wealth of unique information obtained through many years of monitoring, Intel commissioned a special publication - The Remarkable River Rye. View the online publication and download here.

Embracing Biodiversity at Intel

Embracing Biodiversity at Intel

At Intel Ireland, we aim to be a leader when it comes to voluntary on-site biodiversity action. To date, we have enhanced, restored, and created biodiverse habitats in and around our campus and ensured continual improvement by embedding biodiversity into our Environmental Management System. We have amplified the impact of these initiatives beyond the limits of our site by supporting local partnerships for nature and engaging employees in efforts to support local wildlife. Click here to view the 'Embracing Biodiversity at Intel' publication.

Biodiversity in North Kildare

Biodiversity in North Kildare

In 2018, we joined together with Maynooth University, St. Patrick's College and the Tidy Town Committees from Leixlip, Celbridge, and Maynooth to create a map highlighting the key biodiversity features found in North Kildare. To view this map, click here.

Biodiversity Video

Biodiversity Video

Intel Water Stewardship Case Study

Intel employee Ronan Kearney, who is the Water steward at the Intel campus in Leixlip, explains the important role of water in the production of microprocessors and shares information about our commitment to water conservation and to the Irish Water Stewardship program.

Working Together For a More Sustainable Manufacturing Environment

Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott shares perspectives on Intel’s commitment to sustainable operations and some of the ways we are working to implement sustainable practices in our manufacturing environment in Ireland.

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Earth Day Infographic

From energy and water conservation to waste reduction and environmental design, see how we at Intel Ireland are reducing our footprint to protect the planet we call home.