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Ireland Product
Development Engineering

Delivering innovative test research & development

Product Development Engineering in Ireland


The Product Development Engineering team in Ireland delivers state of the art test solutions across Intel’s leading edge integrated circuit products. The team develops test solutions for Intel products ranging from leading-edge microprocessor designs to the cutting edge of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable markets.

Product development starts with rigorous analysis at the component feasibility stage and continues through to production ramp spanning the product life cycle. The product development engineer (PDE) works with Intel’s design teams world-wide to develop testing solutions that ensure product performance while also meeting product cost, quality and time-to-market goals.

Pre-silicon responsibilities include working with circuit designers to insert Design for Testability (DFT) features into the product design, test validation, test content and test program development. Post-silicon activities include silicon debug and test program release to our high volume factories for product launch. The PDE engineers collaborate extensively with design and manufacturing teams across Intel world-wide including the U.S., Latin America, Israel and multiple locations in Asia to develop functional and structural test content for Intel integrated circuit products.

Test Content Development

The PDE test content team has wide experience with Intel product development methodologies. The engineers in this team work with Intel design teams to develop functional and structural test content, measure its effectiveness and evaluate and recommend new DFT features. The PDE engineers utilise ATPG methods to deliver scan-based test content and solutions. The team also undertakes research and development projects into new product testing technologies and features in partnership with design teams to make integrated circuit testing more efficient.

Test Program Development

The test program development engineering teams have extensive experience in delivering optimized test program solutions to Intel’s leading edge microprocessors, chipsets, embedded and consumer products. The test program PDE team implements test solutions working with design and yield engineers to achieve the test content, test-time and test quality objectives. Post-silicon responsibilities include analysis of yield sightings, driving yield resolutions and test time reduction. Overall the test program PDE delivers test optimization in order to meet and exceed product launch quality goals.

Test Research and Development

The PDE teams undertakes internal R&D with Intel design teams to implement breakthrough test methodologies for new products. The Ireland PDE team is also extending it’s partnership with European-based universities and research organisations in the area of IC test research.