Intel Ireland Education Programs.


Intel believes that young people are the key to solving global challenges and that a solid math and science foundation coupled with skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving are crucial for their success. Also, as a leading technology company, we depend on the future availability of skilled workers, a healthy technology ecosystem and knowledge customers, all of which are underpinned by initiatives that allow students to experience and explore project based learning linked to science and technology.

Each year Intel Ireland contributes almost €1.3 million to local and national education programs including programs for Primary and Secondary schools students, a number of Science Exhibitions, post-graduate research projects and equipment donations to schools and universities.


Intel Ireland sponsors SciFest at a national level and provides sponsorship for the Intel Technology award. SciFest is a series of science fairs for second-level students hosted locally in schools and at regional level in the Institutes of Technology. The aim of the project is to encourage a love of STEM through active, collaborative, inquiry-based learning and to provide a forum for students at local, regional, and national level to present and display their scientific investigations. For more information about SciFest, click here.