Our Vision

“This is about global partnerships, but also being locally present in an ecosystem. Certainly, long-term there is going to be a need for advanced semiconductors in Europe.”

—  Jo De Boeck, Chief Strategy Officer iMEC at Euractiv event “Leading-edge semiconductors: a cornerstone for Europe’s digital future”, 10 November 2021

“Advanced manufacturing facilities will function as a magnet for innovation spill-overs and talent attraction across the entire European ecosystem. We therefore strongly support European funding to prioritize breakthrough technologies and ‘first-of-a-kind’ facilities.”

ASML position paper on EU Chips Act

European Goals and Values

The EU has set out an ambitious target to reach at least 20% of world production of advanced semiconductors in Europe by 2030. It also hopes to build European capacity to design and manufacture the most powerful and energy-efficient processors.

Intel supports the EU’s efforts to restore chip production through the Chips Act and we look forward to playing our part in building a world-leading semiconductor industry in Europe. You can read more about the EU’s Chips Act.

Intel shares Europe’s values for technology leadership, centred on sustainability, trustworthiness and responsible sourcing. We share a common goal to increase sustainable, advanced semiconductor manufacturing in Europe to mitigate the risks of the EU’s over-reliance on a single region in the world for its chip supply. With our existing integrated supply chain, Intel can help the EU achieve this goal and be the EU’s partner for accelerating innovation and technology leadership.