Water Restoration in Ireland

Water is essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process. We use ultrapure water to remove impurities from our silicon wafers, and we use industrial and reclaimed water to run our manufacturing facility systems. Over the last two decades, our sustainable water management efforts and partnerships have enabled us to conserve billions of gallons of water. Today in Ireland for example, we return approximately 87% of our water back to our communities. Now, we are broadening our focus to restore 100% of our global water use.

Our 2030 Water Goal

By 2030, we will achieve net positive water use by conserving 60 billion gallons of water and funding external water restoration projects in the communities we call home.

To date, we have funded more than 31 water restoration projects, collectively restoring billions of gallons of water to local watersheds. These projects—whether agriculturally focused, conservation centered, or targeted at in-stream flow protection—aim to address local water issues and support the well-being of our communities, economy and the environment.

Water Restoration in Ireland

In 2021 Intel and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) launched a blanket bog restoration project in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. This is Intel’s first water restoration project in Ireland.

Wicklow Mountains National Park – Blanket Bog Restoration Project

Location: Wicklow Mountains, Co. Wicklow

Implementation Partner: National Parks and Wildlife Service

Estimated Restoration Benefit: Up to 90 million litres

Project Status: Initiated in 2021

Project Description: The restoration project will see 60 hectares of drained bog re-wetted to increase water storage levels in part of the River Liffey headwaters by an expected 50-90 million litres. These headwaters supply the Poulaphouca (Blessington) reservoir, a drinking water source for the Greater Dublin Area. The bog restoration will also protect biodiversity, improve carbon storage, and is likely to improve water quality. Click here to read more about the project.

Want to Find Out More?

Our annual water report shares details about restoration projects supported by Intel and the progress we have made toward achieving our water restoration goal.

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