Intel Shannon

The Future Is Smart and Connected.
Shannon is a centre of excellence for
Cloud and Network Computing.

Based in Shannon Co. Clare in the West of Ireland, Intel Shannon’s Research and Development (R&D) campus is a Centre of Excellence, for network transformation and cloud computing that is transforming our connected world.

At Intel Shannon we are committed to creating positive and tangible impacts across our technologies, the network, and people. We believe in a dynamic and diverse work culture. Our employees work alongside people from across the globe who are passionate about technology and have the opportunities to enrich the world.

Opening our doors in 2000, our innovative and vibrant R&D site has grown to almost 300 employees and is home to award winning multidisciplinary teams.

Intel Shannon – Leader in Network Research and Development

We live in a world where more devices are connected to the network than ever before, unleashing a new wave of opportunity for innovation in the telecommunications industry. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 29 billion devices connected to the internet, and mobile data traffic will increase by 45% so it is clear that a new generation of networks is needed. The existing networks were not designed for this volume of traffic. At Intel Shannon we have developed long standing relationships with Communications Service Providers and work with them to lead the way to network transformation to keep up with the increasing demands of a connected world.

Intel Shannon is a Research and Development campus specializing in Software Engineering, Silicon Design, and Customer Marketing, enabling network transformation solutions to address the problems of the telecommunications business. We focus on helping our customers change the way they deploy, manage, and architect the network though silicon and software development. Essentially we design, develop, and innovate the technologies that drive the next generation network.

Intel powers every segment of the smart, connected world, from the cloud, through the network, to the device. Advances in virtualization and cloud technologies are shifting the landscape, and Intel sits at the forefront of the network transformation, with technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). We focus on both Legacy and Next Generation 5G networks that will be capable of supporting billions of connected devices and “things”. Only 5G has the scale and scope to enable new insights, drive business efficiencies and create monetization.


Women in Technology Scholarships

Intel Shannon is the proud founder of the Intel “Women In Technology Scholarships” (WIT) that celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2015. The aim of the WIT programme is to encourage the next generation of technical females to study and pursue a career in either Science, Technology, Engineering, or Maths (STEM).

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STEM in the Community

Intel believes that young people are the key to solving global challenges. Intel Shannon proudly supports STEM education as a priority. We have been at the forefront of STEM outreach in Munster, encouraging participation in Intel programs, supporting local events and institutions and inspiring onsite STEM innovation with our co-ops.

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Great Place to Work

We believe in creating an environment where people of incredible talent and of different walks of life can flourish and thrive. Our culture is fundamentally one of openness, collaboration, and learning and above all a passion for the work we do. We are located in Ireland’s Mid-West close to beautiful attractions such amazing surfing locations and the Burren.

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Industry Leading Technology

Connecting billions of devices generates massive waves of data and Intel powers every segment of the smart, connected world, from the cloud to the network to the device.

Intel Shannon is at the forefront of network development as we move from the traditional network topology of vertically integrated boxes to networking functions running within virtual machines on standard high volume servers. This allows communication service providers to benefit from of Moore’s law are in the same way that the cloud service providers have been doing, with the help of Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud technologies.

In particular, SDN separates the control plane from the data plane, allowing flexible bandwidth re-allocation and controllable routing.

NFV, meanwhile, allows network functions to be run in virtual machines on standard high volume servers, instead of on custom hardware appliances for each network function. This gives the network service provider the ability to deploy network functions in real time from any location within the cloud platform. Leading to a more efficient usage of resources. The goal with both SDN and NFV is to control the network logically, with software, minimizing hands-on work with those network devices.

These advantages are reshaping the telecommunication industry and enhancing the future of the mobile network. The other major network technology on which Intel Shannon is working is 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networking. As mobility evolves beyond the smartphone, 5G is becoming one of the most impactful technology transformations we are likely to see in our lifetime. It will deliver next-generation experiences including autonomous driving, smart cities, the Internet of Things, smart homes and VR.

The 5G era is about a fantastic, flexible network that will connect everything to everything, and everybody to everything.

At Intel Shannon many of our Engineers are already working on accelerating the 5G Future. This is why Intel Shannon Engineers are working to transform the network, accelerating the path to 5G in collaboration with our customers and partners in the industry. This isn’t about the mobility of the past. This is about architecting the future.