An Introduction from Eamonn Sinnott

General Manager, Intel Ireland Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group

The story of Intel in Ireland since we first made the decision to invest here in 1989 has been remarkable. From our humble beginnings in a used car dealership in Palmerstown to today’s reality as one of the most advanced technology facilities in the world. A facility that now represents the largest industrial investment in the history of the Irish State.

When Intel first located in Ireland I simply could not have imagined what was to unfold over the coming years. The initial focus was on the construction of a PC motherboards and systems factory. This was soon followed in the early ‘90s with the establishment of the first European wafer fabrication manufacturing facility (or FAB) called Fab 10 – focused on the production of Pentium® processors. Throughout the ‘90s Intel continued to invest in high volume advanced manufacturing at the campus, building a second facility called Fab 14. At the turn of the century, Intel Ireland secured further investment in Leixlip for Intel’s first 300mm manufacturing facility outside the U.S. resulting in the building and commissioning of Fab 24.

In January ‘11, I announced the beginning of upgrade works at our Leixlip campus and since then we have gone on to spend a further $6.5 billion, securing the 4,500 permanent jobs that exist here and creating a further 5,000 additional indirect jobs in planning and construction. This brings the cumulative capital invested in Ireland since 1989 to $13.9 billion and today we are proud to be playing an integral role in the delivery of Intel’s latest 14nm process technology.

To help illustrate the story of Intel in Ireland I recently commissioned Price Waterhouse Coopers to complete a detailed report of the economic impact of Intel in Ireland since 1989 - the outline of which follows. Beginning on September 25th, and running for a number of weeks thereafter, we will be sharing key points of the economic study online at and through our social media channels in order to demonstrate the significant impact of Intel’s investment to the Irish economy.

Economic benefits to Ireland derive from both the operational and capital expenditure of Intel since 1989 and the economic analysis has also provided us with the opportunity to reflect on contributions in areas such as education and community, which are also reflected in the summary data.

I am very proud to share this summary with you. The story of Intel in Ireland is one which has been contributed to by so many and I would like to take the opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to the numerous stakeholders who have played an integral role in enabling an environment in which Intel could prosper.

Most of all, I am very proud of the people at Intel Ireland who have made all of this possible. These people are courageous, capable, and flexible and the impact which this report captures is a reflection of their ongoing commitment to come to work every day with the sole desire to be world class at what they do.

I hope you will enjoy reading the report summary and engaging in the online material which will be shared over the next number of weeks.