Pauline Gallagher

The future is bright!

I’ve been at Intel for eight years. It’s such a great company to work for. If you have the chance to come onboard, take it! You’ll learn so much. The wealth of technical knowledge is amazing. This is the kind of place where newcomers are welcomed and given lots of opportunity - because Intel recognises the difference that individuals can make. There’s rarely a slow day and you’ll certainly never be bored. When you’re new, Intel makes sure you have the time and training it takes to succeed here. It’s a fantastic place to work.

I work in Industrial Hygiene dealing with the chemical, biological, and physical safety of Intel employees. I work with engineers and lab technicians on hazard identification. Before this, I always worked in consultancy, which meant I never knew what my next job would be. I was often a ‘lone ranger’ out on sites by myself. Here, I’m part of a team. We support each other, bounce ideas off of each other, and sharpen each other’s skills.

To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what Intel was all about before I came here. I knew Intel was a large multinational company, but I wasn’t familiar with all of the areas of work the company is involved in. I also didn’t realise all of the potential opportunities for health and safety. The Intel name is so good that when I saw the job spec, I jumped at the opportunity to join the team.

An average day for me onsite usually involves reviewing reports from the emergency response team. I liaise and investigate any incidents and monitor preventative maintenance tasks on the floor. At Intel, we are a real team. The motto ‘One Intel’ means we’re all working toward the same goal, no matter our individual duties.

Intel really promotes further learning. At the moment, I’m studying for a professional diploma in Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership, which is supported by Intel and a government grant. I brought the idea to my manager, who agreed it would be beneficial for me, but also for the team as a whole.

Working at Intel has given me a boost in confidence. Working on such a huge site with so many people and very diverse technical teams can be intimidating, but I have always had support from colleagues and mentors. Over time, you gain confidence and expand your skills. I hope to continue progressing here at Intel, within my department and across teams. The future is bright!