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When I first graduated with a degree in Physics Technology, I went out looking for a job but soon decided that instead of going straight into a career, I would keep on studying. I chose Biological Pharma, thinking maybe I should switch industries. While I was studying, I had a few friends who worked at Intel. They all loved their jobs so much, they convinced me to apply. From there, everything happened very quickly. I interviewed, was offered the job, and here I am!

I work in a section called lithography. It’s my job to make sure the lasers we use are perfectly calibrated. I’m the only woman on my team. This industry has more men than women and most of the women in Intel are in engineering or computer engineering jobs. Those are some seriously smart women! When I first started in my position, I wondered where all of the women were—a lot of them have progressed upwards to work as engineers or area managers. Women seem to do really well here. I think 2019 is the year of the woman! Since I started here, six other women have been hired in my area. It makes a noticeable difference.

The most rewarding thing about this job is watching my own progression. We get regular reports that highlight the milestones we’ve reached. I’m so motivated by these personal goals! We are also able to give recognition to our colleagues, which is great. When someone sees that I’ve gone above and beyond, they can nominate me for recognition points. These points can be converted into cash, which makes for a nice little bonus. It also shows that others are taking notice of your effort in work. These interactions are really rewarding.

In addition to the positive work environment, Intel offers other perks, too. There’s a gym on campus with free classes. We have our own dentist, optometrist, and beauty salon. Starting here is an awesome experience. Everyone is so happy to greet you and the team lets you know you’re welcome. You even get a voucher to spend in the Intel store on anything you want! It’s a fun company to work for. As a result of the encouragement I’ve received here, I think I’ve opened up and become a bit more confident. Everyone on your team is rooting for you to succeed. We work together, pushing towards the same goal. It’s true what they say, we really are ‘One Intel’.

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