Engaging with Our Stakeholders

Intel Ireland has a number of different methods by which we stay connected to our various stakeholders.

We connect to people via online resources and tools including;

 - Website                                   - Email

 - Facebook                                 - Twitter

 - YouTube                                  - Online Newsroom

Face to Face
Over the last 25 years, we have built relationships with local stakeholders and we meet regularly with our near neighbours, town councillors, local representatives, and interest groups who provide constructive input on a broad range of issues.

Corporate Citizenship Newsletter
Twice a year Intel distributes its Corporate Citizenship Newsletter to almost 20,000 local homes providing the latest news and updates from Intel. Click here to read the latest newsletter.

Community Advisory Panel

At Intel Ireland we strive to be a valued, honourable, and conscientious member of the community. In support of that objective we established the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) in early 1994. The purpose of the Community Advisory Panel is to ensure there is an active two–way flow of information and consultation between Intel and the community in which we work. The CAP meets approximately five times a year to review new developments on the Intel campus in Leixlip, to raise issues, which may potentially affect the community, and to help set the direction for Intel's community efforts.

The CAP is made up of 20 individuals who represent various interests including education, social, and business organisations and environmental health.

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