Intel® Pride of Place Competition

At Intel, we strive to be an asset to our local communities and value our neighbouring towns here in North Kildare, the home of our main campus in Ireland. For a number of years, we have supported our local towns through the Intel® Pride of Place competition and we are excited to announce the launch of the eight year of this community initiative.

Competition Is Closed for Applications 

What Is a Community Project?

A community project is any idea from an individual or collaborative enterprise that would benefit your local community. Your idea could be anything from encouraging biodiversity in your town or school, to restoring a community area, or supporting an existing club who’d like to expand their services. The most important aspect of the project is that directly improves your community.

Previous Winner -Celbridge Festival

The Pride of Place award is going towards the purchase of specific lights to be used on the two main churches in Celbridge. These lights will have the ability to change colour to mark specific days of celebration in the calendar, such as lighting purple for International Day of Persons with Disabilities or green on St. Patrick’s Day.