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Machine learning is becoming faster and more accessible. Our customers are using massive data sets to build smarter cities, power intelligent cars, and deliver personalized medicine…and that is just the beginning.

As a Scientific Community, We Are Just Beginning to Understand the Potential of Machine Learning

Data scientists, developers, and researchers are using machine learning to gain insights previously out of reach. Programs that learn from experience are helping them discover how the human genome works, understand consumer behavior to a degree never before possible, and build systems for purchase recommendations, image recognition, and fraud prevention, among other uses.

Now you can scale your machine learning and deep learning applications quickly – and gain insights more efficiently – with your existing hardware infrastructure. Popular open frameworks newly optimized for Intel, together with our advanced math libraries, make Intel® Architecture-based platforms a smart choice for these projects.

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The Race for Faster Machine Learning

Big speed jumps like those Intel is seeing in performance on specific algorithms are rarely possible in the traditional high-performance computing world, where problems are well-defined and optimization work has already been happening for many years. Machine learning algorithms still have room for improvement.

Andrey Nikolaev, a software architect on the team in Russia, says that at given times, it appears that he and his colleagues have optimized an algorithm to the maximum extent possible.

“Then tomorrow we will understand—or someone will come to us and show us—how we can make it faster,” he says. “Optimization is something you can do forever.”

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Open-Source Resources for Developers

Access open-source frameworks for machine and deep learning, as well as code and reference architectures for distributed training and scoring.

Build Faster Deep Learning Applications with Caffe*

The popular open-source development framework for image recognition is now optimized for Intel® architecture.

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Delving Into Deep Learning

The Python library designed to help write deep learning models is now optimized for Intel® architecture.

Getting started with Theano*

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Speed Up Your Spark Analytics

Apache Spark* MLlib, the open-source data processing framework’s machine learning library, now includes Intel® architecture support.

Build faster applications

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Streamline Development Using Trusted Analytics Program

Intel’s open-source Trusted Analytics Platform provides prebuilt machine learning functions, making it easier to build public and private cloud analytics apps.

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Software Developer Resources from Intel

Build tools that monitor data, rapidly provide valuable insights, automate processes, and accelerate predictive analytics.

Machine Learning Resources from Intel® Developer Zone

Tools, techniques, and frameworks that boost machine learning performance on Intel® architecture.

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Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)

A high-performance library with assets to help accelerate math processing routines and increase application performance.

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Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL)

Highly optimized library that helps speed big data analytics by providing algorithmic building blocks for all data analysis stages and for offline, streaming, and distributed analytics usages.

Learn more about Intel® DAAL

Open-source options for Intel® DAAL

Intel® Modern Code

Technical resources and free training that help developers deliver multi-level parallel performance that scales.

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Machine Learning Products from Intel

Use existing data to get new insights, uncover patterns of customer behavior, and find marketplace opportunities – all on your current scale-out framework.

Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family

High throughput scoring on existing server class infrastructure.

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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Family

Achieve shorter time to train deep neural networks on robust, scalable infrastructure.

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Resources for Researchers

Learn how Intel is working with students and researchers to provide access to the latest technologies and establish collaborative communities.

Intel® Higher Education Research Programs

Showcases the collaboration between Intel and university researchers.

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Intel® Developer Zone Free Software Tools

Select software development products and user forum support for qualified students, educators, academic researchers, and open-source contributors.

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Intel Labs

See the latest developments in efficient computing, immersive experiences, transportation, and other leading research areas.

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Intel IT Peer Network

The latest in machine learning thought leadership from Intel’s community of experts

Driving Innovations in Machine Learning

Learn how Intel is moving machine learning from an academic pursuit to a driver of innovation.

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Machine Learning

As data volumes grow, so does the need for scalable systems that use machine learning to train complex models.

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Machine Learning Becomes Mainstream

Discover how machine learning and advanced analytics can increase your competitive advantage.

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Democratization of AI Technologies

At Intel, we are excited about the potential of AI to transform our world in amazing new ways.

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