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Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200

Experience better Wi-Fi for your connected life

Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200

Your Ultrabook™ with the Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200 Wi-Fi adapter combines fast speed (up to 300 Mbps1), greater range, and reliability with Intel-only wireless features to deliver a better connected experience: small business, web browsing, streaming video, and network connectivity in moderate-traffic, low-interference wireless environments.

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Features and benefits

Better performance

802.11bgn, 2x2, dual stream delivers up to 300 Mbps speed and greater range and reliability. Energy efficient2 for greater mobility and convenience.

Intel® Wireless Display 3

Get a front row seat to all your personal and online favorites on the big screen with a simple wireless connection.

Intel® Smart Connect Technology 4

Automatically updates important content even while your Ultrabook™ is asleep or for quicker Internet access on resume.

Intel® Wi-Fi HotSpot Assistant5 Experience the power of instant connectivity to millions of free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Intel® Wi-Fi HotSpot Assistant–exclusively available only on Intel® wireless products. Auto-connect to available Wi-Fi hotspots as you roam—no more annoying manual login process at each hotspot. With Intel® Smart Connect Technology, even your favorite cloud content (email, social networks, news, etc.) is automatically refreshed as your Ultrabook™ sleeps.

Product and Performance Information


1. Based on the theoretical maximum bandwidth enabled by 1x1 802.11n implementations with 1 spatial stream. Actual wireless throughput and/or range will vary depending on your specific operating system, hardware, and software configurations. Check with your PC manufacturer for details.

2. References to power consumption refer to Wi-Fi module power consumption comparisons versus competing 802.11n WLAN solutions. Actual platform battery life savings will vary depending on your specific operating system, hardware, and software configurations. Check with your PC manufacturer for details.

3. Requires an Intel® WiDi enabled system and Intel® WiDi enabled receiver device. 1080p and Blu-ray* or other protected content playback only available on 3rd or 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs with built-in visuals enabled, a compatible receiver device and media player, and supporting Intel® WiDi software and graphics driver installed. Consult your PC manufacturer. For more information, see www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/intel-wireless-display.html.

4. Intel® Smart Connect Technology requires a select Intel® processor, Intel® software and BIOS update, Intel® Wireless adapter, and Internet connectivity. Solid-state memory or drive equivalent may be required. Depending on system configuration, your results may vary. Contact your system manufacturer for more information.

5. Intel® WiFi Hotspot Assistant requires an Intel® wireless adapter. Check with your PC manufacturer for details.