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Executive Insights: Embracing Desktop Virtualization

Intel IT: Embracing Desktop Virtualization

With the consumerization of IT, users want access to corporate applications and data from a variety of devices, some of which IT does not own or manage. To improve business productivity, Intel IT has embraced desktop virtualization as a core strategy to improve employee choice and flexibility, while allowing IT to focus on delivering secure services, rather than managing hardware platforms.

These resources provide insight into the work that Intel IT is doing in this area. We’ve broken it into four areas for consideration.

Defining Desktop Virtualization

After investigating a variety of virtualization technologies, we’ve developed methodologies for how we can best harness this technology inside Intel’s business.

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Following several Proof of Concepts, we’ve identified several benefits, including helping to reduce the total cost of ownership, improving service management, and supporting IT consumerization.

Selecting the Right End-Point

After evaluating new technologies, we continue to select mobile business PCs to securely support the business needs of today while also positioning us to securely support emerging IT usage models.

A New Model of Client Computing

Virtualization is a key enabling capacity as we enable a compute continuum of personalized computing experiences where employees have seamless and secure access to services on a full range of devices.

Read the full Intel IT: Embracing Desktop Virtualization Executive Insights: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/doc/white-paper/intel-it-virtualization-embracing-desktop-virtualization-paper.pdf.

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