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ACPI Specification v0.91

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ACPI Specification v0.91


This specification describes one design for supporting the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification (hereafter referred to as the “ACPI specification”), revisions 1.0b and 2.0, in the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI (hereafter referred to as the "Framework"). The ACPI specification details system configuration and power management information. This specification does the following:
• Describes the basic components of the Framework ACPI design, the ACPI support driver, and the ACPI platform driver
• Describes additional ACPI considerations for the Intel® Itanium® processor family
• Provides code definitions for the ACPI Support Protocol and other ACPI-related type definitions that are architecturally required by the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI Architecture Specification

See Industry Specifications in the Framework master help system for the URL for the ACPI specification.


This specification provides a design for supporting the ACPI 1.0b and 2.0 specifications in a Framework environment.

Read the full Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI ACPI Specification Ver. 0.91.