Intel® Solid-State Drive 730 Series Product Brief

The Intel® Solid-State Drive 730 Series delivers uncompromised performance by combining factory-tuned components with data center DNA.

Optimized for Performance
Maximize your computing experience with the Intel SSD 730 Series, built with a specially qualified 3rd generation Intel® controller, 20-nm NAND, and optimized firmware. Intel has taken storage a step further by factory overcloc...king these components to push the limits of performance with a 50% increase in controller speed and 20% increase in NAND bus speed. Intel SSD 730 Series are optimized for the most demanding tasks, including digital content creation, video capture, editing, extreme gaming, and other client usages where storage performance improves the user’s experience and efficiency. Applications will benefit from the 50µs read latency, up to 550MB/s sequential reads, and 89,000 IOPs random reads.

Digital content creation experts and PC enthusiasts know the highest storage performance is achieved with RAID-0 configurations as SSDs saturate the SATA interface. Comparing two Intel SSD 730 Series drives in a RAID-0 array to a single alternative SSD results in the same capacity and nearly double the performance. As shown below, two Intel SSD 730 Series drives in a RAID-0 configuration can provide throughput numbers exceeding 1000MB/s when coupled with Intel® platforms supporting Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® Q87 Chipset, Intel® H87 Chipset, Intel® Z87 Chipset, and Intel® X79 Chipset). Similarly, four Intel SSD 730 Series drives in a RAID-0 array with an Intel® Z87 Chipset-based platform can provide performance exceeding 1,500MB/s.

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