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Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty Program FAQ

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Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty: FAQ
Section 1– General Questions & Answers
Q1: What is the Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty?
A1: Extended Warranty (EW) adds an optional additional two years to the standard product warranty for certain Intel products at an additional cost.
Q2: What products are covered?
A2: EPSD offers Extended Warranty on the following products:
• New Intel® Server Main Boards
• New Intel® Server Configured Systems
• New Intel® RAID Controllers
• New Intel® Modular Server System Chassis and Compute Modules
Subject to inventory and support confirmation, EPSD may offer EW on selected products released in 2009 or later (based on Tylersburg and Clarksdale chipsets, or later), including Intel® Modular Server. You MUST receive confirmation from EPSD that it can support older products.
Q3: Can you provide more details on Extended Warranty coverage for Configured Systems?
A3: As the name implies the purchase of an Extended Warranty for a configured system provides coverage of Intel Chassis and installed components including the Intel® Server Main Board, power supply, fans, plug in modules and backplanes etc. except Intel® RAID Controllers. RAID Extended Warranty must be purchase separately for each RAID controller.
If the customer upgrades the system with approved EPSD components (excluding RAID) Intel will include the component under the system Extended Warranty. The components must be registered and serial numbers recorded in the Intel database. Items not registered will not be covered. Eligibility dates are determined by the system serial number eligibility. For certain Intel products, Intel may require up to thirty (30) days from the date of registration of the applicable Product Key to stock repair inventory for the Intel Product.
Q4: How is system information on the specific board/system obtained?
A4: The system serial # information can be gathered with an automated software tool (EFI). The tool can be obtained here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20369.
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