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Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty: Product Brief

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Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty: Product Brief

As a business owner, you need assurance that you can depend on the servers that power your company. This means you must have access to world-class support throughout the equipment life cycle, even if you keep your servers in service beyond Intel’s standard warranty period.

The number one reason customers buy Intel® Server Products is the service and support they receive. With your distributor or reseller’s extended warranty offering, you instantly get a trusted vendor for consistent, fast, and easy-to-use warranty replacement support for up to five years after purchase. Depend on the service and support from your distributor or reseller, backed by Intel:
• Safeguard server uptime with the option of an additional two years of support added onto the standard Intel® warranty.
• Tap into troubleshooting expertise with trained technicians who can get in direct contact with Intel if needed, for added confidence with even the toughest issues.
• Ensure ease of warranty support when you need it most, relying on the trusted Intel name to provide replacement parts quickly. An extended warranty backed by Intel, makes your distributor or reseller your “one-stop shop” for server products and support.

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