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Intel® Deployment Assistant

Easy-to-use graphical tool designed to speed up the deployment of Intel® servers

Intel® Deployment Assistant

Key features

  • Easy-to-use wizard
  • Automatic detection of server configuration and components
  • Clone image of system to deploy identical servers
  • Automatic BIOS and firmware detection and updates
  • Wizard-guided RAID configuration
  • Unattended OS installation
  • Reduced system reboots

IT made easy

Simplify the setup and configuration of Intel® Server Products. Intel® Deployment Assistant is a free deployment application that helps keep servers up to date by locating, comparing, and recommending system updates. Using the Intel Deployment Assistant, individuals only need to answer a series of easy-to-understand questions and confirm their configuration choices. The Intel Deployment Assistant will then configure the server and begin loading the chosen operating system. It is all about IT made easy.

Use Intel® Deployment Assistant for:

  • Full and simple deployment of servers and RAID for novice users
  • Ensuring drivers, BMC, and BIOS are up to date at any time
  • Installation of operating systems, including very latest drivers without searching the web or USB drives
  • Mass provisioning of servers using the multi-server cloning feature

“The multi-server cloning feature in Intel® Deployment Assistant allows us to significantly reduce the number of operators needed when updating Intel systems in our factory.”

XiangBin Zhang    Technical Director, Power Leader

Key advantages

Clone image of system to deploy identical servers

Reduces redundant tasks by cloning all of your settings and updates to easily and quickly replicate across other servers.

Automatic BIOS and firmware detection and updates

Minimizes uncertainty by automatically locating the latest drivers, firmware, and BIOS from the Internet, corporate network, or USB sources.

Customized branding

OEMs and integrators can customize the user interface with their choice of colors and logos to promote their brand.

Intel® Deployment Assistant system requirements

See product documentation for additional system requirements.

Operating systems supported for launch of unattended installation

Check the user guides for a complete list of operating systems supported.

Required hardware

  • Check the user guide for a complete list of Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems supported.
  • 512-MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive or USB key

Note: Installation of system updates and/or installation of additional operating system drivers may require a USB key and/or network connection.

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