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Quality and Reliability Resources

Intel quality and reliability resources include links to documentation and videos.

Intel® LGA13XX Socket: Board Factory Mandarin

Shows proper installation of the LGA13XX socket independent loading mechanism to minimize socket contact handling damage; Mandarin translation.

Intel® LGA13XX Socket: System Integration Factory

Shows processor insertion into the Intel® LGA13XX Series socket independent loading mechanism to minimize handling damages to socket contacts.

Intel® LGA2011 Socket: Board Factory

Shows proper installation of the Intel® LGA2011 Series socket independent loading mechanism to minimize handling damage to socket contacts.

Intel and CPRM

Intel, CPRM and CPPM advance content protection to parallel innovation in the digital home.

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Component Surface Mount Technology: Guide

Surface mount technology guide provides instructions and diagrams for more reliable assemblies, increasing density for less weight, volume, and cost.

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Control of Nonconforming Products

Review and disposition process of nonconforming products like wafer fab plants, assembly and test sites, distribution centers, and business divisions.

Manage Your Intel Profile

Find out where to update and manage your Intel profile information.

Intel Dalian, China: An Environmental Benchmark

Video: introduction to Intel’s Dalian fabrication facility, one of China’s most ecologically advanced manufacturing plants.

2008 Corporate Responsibility: Asia Pacific

Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report for the Asia Pacific region

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