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Media Processing

As mobile devices become more sophisticated, innovative architecture from Intel helps improve the user experience.

Intel® DK300 Series Development Kit

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things Product Brief

Brief: Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things connect legacy and intelligent infrastructure devices. (v.2, Aug. 2014)

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McAfee* Embedded Control 6.1.0: User Guide

Guide: The McAfee* Embedded Control User Guide provides essential information on using Embedded Control with Wind River* Linux* 5.0.1.

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Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform 2.0: Security Guide

Security guide: Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform Security Guide provides information on using IDP to secure products.

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McAfee* Change Control 6.1.0: Product Guide

Guide: The McAfee* Change Control Product Guide covers implementation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Change Control.

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McAfee* Application Control 6.1.0: Command Line Interface Guide

Guide: The McAfee* Application Control Command Line Interface Guide lists the commands available for the interface with supported arguments.

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Intel® Gateway Solutions for IoT DK50 Series Dev. Kit: Guide

Guide: Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things DK50 series development kit technical reference for set-up and operation. (v.3, Aug. 2014)

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Pentamaster GURU* Optimizes Vision with Consolidation: Case Study

Case Study: The Pentamaster GURU* latex glove reprocessing system improves real-time vision analysis through system consolidation. (v.1, Jul. 2014)

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Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation SCS 111K: Guide

User guide: Discrete subsystems are combined into a unified industrial automation system, reducing development time. (v.1.0, Aug. 2014)

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