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Intel® Laptop Products

Intel® laptop products are faster and smarter for immersive gaming and enhanced business productivity.

White Paper: ENERGY STAR* Version 5.0 System Implementation

Contains key understandings on how to specify, test system configurations that can best meet required power levels of new ENERGY STAR* specification.

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Boxed Intel® Celeron® Processor G1820/G1830: Declaration

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® Celeron® processor G1820/G1830

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Boxed Celeron®G1610/G2xxx and Core™ i3-3210 Processor: Declaration

Covers Celeron®G1610/G2xxx and Core™ i3-3210 Processor

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Increased Data Integrity for Embedded Computing: Product Brief

Product Brief: Using a 667 MHz FSB, Intel® Celeron® processors support address and response parity, provide data integrity. (v.002, Jan. 2007)

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Smooth HD Video Playback: Product Brief

Product Brief: With Intel® GMA X4500HD, Intel® Celeron® processors support smooth 1080p HD video playback without add-in cards. (v.002, Dec. 2009)

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Processor Microarchitecture Improves Efficiency: Product Brief

Product Brief: Microarchitecture in Intel® Celeron® M processors provides hardware stack manager, lowers context switching latency. (v.006, May 2007)

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Embedded Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processors for Low-Power Designs

Product features and technical documents provide information for embedded Intel® Celeron® desktop processors, including user guides and datasheets.

Intel® 3000, 3010 Chipset Memory Controller Hub Design Guidelines

Thermal and mechanical operating limits, specifications, and reference thermal solution for Intel® 3000 and 3010 chipsets memory controller hub (MCH).

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Intel® 3200 and 3210 Chipset: Datasheet

Datasheet: Intel® 3200 and Intel® 3210 chipsets.

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