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Intel® Ethernet Switch Ethernet in Fat Tree Cluster Interconnects

White Paper: Feature design enhances Ethernet effectiveness for cluster computing applications, improving performance, scalability, and availability.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM1010: Datasheet

Seamlessly connect chips containing the SPI-4.2 interface, enabling system designs that reduce costs, time to market, and increase flexibility.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2112: Datasheet

Covers switch platform functionality, featuring eight 10G interfaces and 16 1G interfaces.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2212: Datasheet Addendum

Specification differences, features, and functionality of the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2212 versus the original Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch Family Hash Efficiency

White Paper: Simulation results showing bit patterns hash functionality for load distribution in the Intel® Ethernet Switch family.

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Large Data Center Fabrics Using Intel® Ethernet Switch Family

White Paper: Add converged Ethernet to a telecom-style fabric for increased cost size and power compared to an Ethernet switch-based data center.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch Load Balancing System Design

White Paper: How to employ load balancing and how the Intel® Ethernet Switch family can improve performance and reduce costs.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch Silicon: Product Update Bulletin

Notification for former Fulcrum FocalPoint* products includes new product base part number changes, software implication, and conversion timeframe.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch: Customer Letter

Important changes regarding procurement process for Intel® Ethernet Switch products (formerly Fulcrum Microsystems products).

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Scalable Data Center Networks

Intel® Ethernet Switch-enabled fat tree architectures use low-latency fabric for low cost, standards-compliant scalability, and performance.