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Intel® Graphics Control Panel for CUI: Customization Guide 7.0

Customization Guide: Overview, installation, and customization information on Intel® Graphics Control Panel CUI 7.0. (v.1.1, May 2014)

Intel® HD Graphics–Binary Modification for GOP VBT: User Guide

User Guide: Assists with using the binary modification program to modify the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator video BIOS table. (v.0.9, May 2013)

Controladores Intel® Ethernet para aplicaciones integradas

Los controladores Intel® Ethernet admiten características de avanzada para virtualización de E/S y redes unificadas.

組込み機器向けインテル® イーサネット・コントローラー

インテル® イーサネット・コントローラーは、I/O の仮想化と統合ネットワーキングのための高度な機能をサポートします。

Controladores Ethernet Intel® para aplicações embarcadas

Os Controladores Intel® Ethernet são compatíveis com os recursos avançados para virtualização de E/S e redes unificadas.

Packet Processing is Enhanced with Software from Intel® DPDK

Improvements to multi-core architecture make packet processing viable on Intel® processors, resulting in high performance and reduced hardware costs.

A Physicist's Best Friend: CERN Finds the Higgs Boson

Case Study: The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family, in many of CERN’s LHC Computing Grid servers, provides the computing power for Higgs boson research.

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2 in 1 Devices Help Improve Vascular Patient Care

B.-A.-Z. County and Teaching Hospital uses Intel® Core™ i5 processor-based 2 in 1 devices to improve patient care with better access to records.

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Render Rocket Boosts Performance for Moviemaking in the Cloud

Case Study: Render Rocket boosts cloud-based animation rendering on the Intel® Xeon® processor, enabling faster completion to serve more customers.

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SunGard Ambit Concierge* and Intel®-based Devices Expand Banking

Watch how SunGard Ambit Concierge* supports banking with Intel®-based mobile devices to improve convenience, process efficiency, and security.