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移动式英特尔® HM70 高速芯片组

移动式英特尔® HM70 高速芯片组是英特尔将在 2013 年为奔腾® 和赛扬® 处理器推出的新芯片组之一。

移动式英特尔® UM77 高速芯片组

移动式英特尔® UM77 高速芯片组支持第二代和第三代智能英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器家族,并提供 USB 3.0 功能。

英特尔® Q77 高速芯片组

英特尔® Q77 高速芯片组和第三代智能英特尔® 酷睿™ 博锐™ 处理器平台提供改进的可管理性和安全性。

Intel® Retail Client Manager

Enabling real-time content management across digital outlets, Intel® Retail Client Manager creates value and targets audiences.

Register to Sell Intel® Retail Client Manager

Register to Sell Intel® Retail Client Manager, the industry-leading content management system.

Deliver a Perfect, Personalized Shopping Experience

Intel’s Joe Jensen discusses how the Internet of Things can deliver a perfect, personalized shopping experience at Intel Solutions Summit 2014.

Intel® Retail Client Manager Quick Start Guide

Installation instructions for the Intel® RCM Campaign Manager and Intel® RCM Player software, with how to log in, create, and publish a campaign.

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4-to-1 Communications Workload Consolidation

Intel® embedded products synergize communications systems for applications, services, control plane processing, and packet processing.

Create “Wow” Customer Experiences

Create engaging customer experiences across the omni-channel strategy by managing inventory, digital content, and audience analytics in real time.

Industrial System Consolidation In Action: 3 Case Studies

Case Studies: Intel provides building blocks to consolidate systems and an application-ready platform that helps speed development. (v.1, Aug. 2014)

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