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Context Awareness Activity Recognition: Project

Location sensing, ambient light and other elements help the computer intelligently guide, inform, and support the user’s activities.

Hybrid Silicon Laser: Project

The hybrid silicon laser integrates capabilities of Indium Phosphide with light-routing of silicon and is a key enabler for silicon photonics

Martin Curley on Energy and Sustainability

Curley on sustainability and energy security, competitiveness and efficiency.

University Collaborations: ISTCs & ICRIs

Intel Science and Technology Centers are Intel-funded, technology specific research collaborations between Intel and U.S. universities.

Face Recognition: Project

Researchers use a learning algorithm to create a face recognition program that can be used in a variety of context-aware applications.

Open Cirrus: Project

A partnership between Intel, Yahoo and HP created the Open Cirrus* Cloud Computing Testbed, allowing an exchange of findings and open source software.

Power Platform Management: Project

A power management framework allows researchers to reduce power use across a platform and within a single product generation.

Scalable Virtual Worlds: Project

Researchers strive to create a virtual world infrastructure capable of being scalable, 3D, and with a realistic, visually immersive appearance.

ScienceSim and Collaborative Visualization

White Paper: ScienceSim is a virtual environment for collaborative visualization, education, training, scientific discovery, and experimentation.

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Single-Chip Cloud Computer: Project

The single-chip cloud computer is an experimental, scalable research microprocessor and resembles a cloud of computers integrated into silicon.