IT@Intel White Paper Intel IT IT Best Practices Cloud Computing and IT Efficiency July 2011

Intel IT: Cloud Storage for Efficiency and Capacity Management

Intel IT is transitioning to an enterprise private cloud that will support our office and enterprise computing applications. This cloud is based on virtualized infrastructure accessing shared pools of storage through storage area networks (SANs).

As we migrate to the private cloud, we seek to optimize the efficiency of th...e SAN environment by increasing storage capacity utilization. Demand for storage capacity proliferates by about 35 percent a year, and capacity purchases represent a significant and growing business cost. By increasing storage utilization, we can curb growth and contain cost.

We are evaluating a wide array of technologies and approaches to improve SAN efficiency and utilization over time, including thin provisioning. Because many customers use only a small portion of their storage allocation, thin provisioning technology allows IT to overallocate capacity and thereby increase utilization of storage resources. However, overallocation also requires improved capacity and risk management so that we have adequate capacity to meet customer requirements

. We recognized a need for enterprise-wide storage capacity metrics that accurately measure storage utilization and allocation across our SAN environment. Over the past year, we have developed and begun refining a storage metrics methodology that could span both our new private cloud and our traditional enterprise environment.

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