PepsiCo: IT Efficiency Puts the Fizz into Sales

PepsiCo: IT Efficiency Puts the Fizz into Sales

PepsiCo Europe’s business covers a number of the most respected household brands, including Lay’s*,Walkers*, Doritos*, Pepsi*, 7UP* and Tropicana*. It operates across the whole product lifecycle, from development to sales. The sales team spends a lot of time on the road. To help them stay up to date with the latest product details, PepsiCo has... chosen to use Noledge* sales support software, accessed using Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-powered 2 in 1 devices.

• Maintain image. PepsiCo prides itself on innovation and being a modern company. It wanted to ensure its sales team presented this image to customers
• Reduce paper. Product details were shared and recorded using paper printouts, which were inconvenient for individual employees and inefficient for the sales organization
• Accelerate processes. Enable sales representatives to carry out store checks quickly and efficiently
• Data protection. Ensure that sensitive customer and product data can be easily accessed and shared only among the proper stakeholder

• Flexible devices. Lenovo Helix* 2 in 1 devices powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core® i5 vPro™ processors and running Microsoft Windows* 8 provide the best balance of mobile computing capabilities for secure anytime, anywhere access to content
• Touch features. The touchscreen devices allow salespeople to consume content more easily and make customer discussions more engaging
• Sales platform. Noledge sales support software facilitates real-time updating and sharing of the latest product details from a central point of management

Modern image. The flexible, user-friendly, stylish form factor combined with strong content create a mobile computing resource that sales representatives can be proud to use
• Efficient information. Sales people can access the information and systems they need conveniently and quickly, even while walking round a shop floor
• Adaptable tools. Users can easily shift between using their device as a laptop or a tablet, depending on the task and situation at hand, maximizing productivity

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