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Development Ecosystem Supports Intel® Microprocessors: Paper

Development Ecosystem Supports Intel® Microprocessors: Paper

Microprocessor chips are the all-important “brains” of any industrial system, so they require a very special kind of support infrastructure. Unlike other types of chips such as DRAMs, A/D converters, or peripherals, microprocessors need software, program-development tools, hardware-design tools, operating systems, debuggers, and much more. Surveys have proven that engineers value these tools highly and actually prefer using microprocessors that have the broadest and best support.

Well-supported microprocessors are not only preferred by engineering teams, but they’re more productive too. A microprocessor with a healthy third-party ecosystem provides more options for the engineers, better support for the team, and broader access to a skilled talent pool. When it comes to microprocessor support tools and software, more is definitely better.

Intel’s microprocessor family spans four decades and dozens of generations, so it has one of the world’s largest and richest supports through software, development tools, and talent. That broad-based, global, and ever-expanding ecosystem makes Intel’s microprocessors uniquely effective in powering today’s industrial and embedded devices.

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