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Intel Labs in Ireland

Driving technology solutions through research and innovation

Intel Labs Europe (ILE)

Intel Research, Development and Innovation in Europe is driven by a network of research labs, product development labs and innovation labs spanning the region as well as a variety of Intel business units.  Intel Labs Europe (ILE) was formally established in early 2009 as the central means of coordinating activities across this diverse and extensive network, and to strengthen and improve Intel’s alignment with European Research and Development.  Under the leadership of Martin Curley (VP, Director Intel Labs Europe) and sponsored by Justin Rattner (VP, Director Intel Labs & CTO), Diane Bryant (VP, GM Datacenter & Connected Systems Group) and Christian Morales (VP, General Manager Intel EMEA) today ILE consists of more than three dozen R&D locations employing more than 4000 R&D professionals.


Open Lab Concept

Intel Labs Europe (ILE) operates two Open Labs across the Intel network of R&D locations in the region.  These Open Labs are the Innovation Open Lab, Leixlip, Ireland and Open Lab Munich, Germany.

The mission of the Open Labs is to facilitate and enhance open research and innovation opportunities for Intel in Europe, opportunities that can in turn be converted into various broadly based and value-driven technology solutions that can benefit Intel and our European partners.  As part of ILE both the Labs also have an internal role to act as a catalyst and coordinator of open research and innovation activities for the full Intel R&D network in Europe.  

An important objective of these labs is to make it easier for industry and academia to cooperate with Intel on joint research programs, bringing together competencies to create new business models and advance existing ones.  As an example the Labs enable and host open innovation activities such as participation in the EU Commission Framework Programme 7 (FP7) research activities and joint innovation programs with leading European companies and universities, as well as engagement with high potential technology start-ups.

Intel Open Labs are configurable environments available for partners to research, optimize design and test proposed solutions. The open lab facilities include a physical laboratory, work and office space as well as meeting rooms.

ILE is establishing a number of Joint Innovation Programs (JIPS) with leading European companies with a goal of helping to develop new business innovations for European companies leveraging emerging Intel technologies. Nascent joint innovation programs are in process with companies such as SAP and Nokia.


The Intel Innovation Open Lab , Leixlip, Ireland

The Intel Innovation Open Lab, Ireland, located on the Intel Ireland campus in Leixlip, Co. Kildare, fosters cooperation between Intel, industry and academia through joint research and innovation programs. The Lab’s mission is to facilitate and engage in open research and innovation opportunities in Europe that can ultimately lead to value-driven technology solutions. The Open Lab is a key member of the Intel Labs Europe (ILE) network and is home to two research labs; the Cloud & Services Lab and the Energy & Sustainability Lab.

The Cloud & Services Lab is focused on dependability and platform/service differentiation in cloud computing, and on IT management framework processes for technology adoption. Specific research topics include instrumentation and manageability of cloud infrastructures, open interface specifications, service level agreements, context awareness and digital preservation. The lab’s research output includes usage models, prototypes, technologies and open standards which enable dependable cloud environments and support automatic discovery and selection of optimal platform services; as well as a process-based framework for mapping IT improvement efforts.

The Energy & Sustainability Lab conducts research focused on novel sensing, actuation, analytics and services, applied to the domains of energy, the environment and sustainability. The lab’s research output is focused on the creation and enablement of new solutions and services to improve quality of life and drive multiple resource optimisation. The lab collaborates through formal engagements with academia, industry and governments through a ‘triple helix innovation’ approach on areas such as sustainable cities and communities, and renewable energy integration with smart grid and smart water systems.

The Innovation Open Lab Ireland partners with Open Lab Munich as one of two ILE Open Labs which serve as portals to the wider network of Research & Development, Product, and Innovation Labs spanning the European region. The Innovation Open Lab’s facilities include physical laboratories, offices, meeting and demo spaces as well as an innovation/collaboration studio

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