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Intel® Innovation Across Industries

Intelligent Technology Drives Limitless Possibilities

Intelligent Technology Drives Limitless Possibilities

Intel’s innovation goes beyond the speed of our latest chip. We bring the building blocks of technology to the world. Our innovations reach industries far beyond computing. We are transforming transportation, education, energy, healthcare, and retail. We reinvent the familiar, creating new experiences and enabling fresh solutions.

Due to our ever-increasing performance and capabilities, people are connecting in new ways. Patients are reimagining what it means to see a doctor. Shoppers have new ways to find and buy the products they seek. Explorers are rethinking how they take their journeys.

We foster innovation as diverse as the world that benefits from it.

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From new digital signage solutions to comprehensive virtual catalogs, Intel is creating technologies that will help consumers find the things they want, and help retailers tailor their sales messages toward their target audiences.

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With new In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) features, as well as technology that detects and adjusts to road conditions, Intel is making the trip from A to B more productive and much safer.

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Intel has trained over 10 million teachers around the world to use technology to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills, rather than simply teaching technology. Our continued goal is to help educators give future generations the tools and skills they need to succeed.

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Intel researchers throughout the world are constantly working to create technologies that will improve a range of industries, from agriculture to manufacturing, microbiology, space exploration, and beyond.

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To help transform the energy sector and create a brighter future, Intel is contributing to new and efficient energy management systems, as well as new ways of harvesting alternative energy sources.

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Diagnostic tools that send data directly to physicians. Devices that let doctors virtually see patients remotely. Pill bottles that know whether medicine was taken. These are just a few ways Intel is changing healthcare through technology.

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Silicon Innovations

For over 40 years, Intel has set the pace for silicon innovation, and today there are new and innovative Intel technologies emerging that will continue to shape the future of computing.

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