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Enhance Security with Simple Two-Factor Authentication

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Enhance Security with Simple Two-Factor Authentication

Your users are increasingly mobile and increasingly connected—accessing sensitive data and corporate networks from almost anywhere on a variety of devices. It is therefore no surprise that attacks are on the rise as well. They are not only more frequent, but also more sophisticated and purpose-driven. Malware and hackers are determined to steal your company’s and your customers’ confidential data, and are successful far too often, costing companies an average of $7.2 million per breach. It is a trivial matter these days for data thieves to gain access to network credentials and customers’ online accounts because the traditional username and password approach to security is broken. One weak password can have extremely costly consequences, including brand damage, compliance violations and fines, and even litigation.

When faced with the need to create multiple logins for multiple systems, employees often take shortcuts. They might use the same password, which is often a standard dictionary word or common phrase. These passwords can be simple to crack in brute force attacks. Employees might also fall victim to phishing schemes, social engineering, and man-in-the-browser attacks, which can put even strong user names and passwords at risk.

Fortunately, you can protect data, networks, and user accounts by deploying solutions from Intel and Symantec.

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