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Intel’s Schools of Distinction: Learning from the Star Innovators

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Intel has been honoring exemplary math and science programs through its annual Schools of Distinction Award (SODA) and selecting one school each year for top recognition as a Star Innovator. Read about 2007-2010 Star Innovators, with STEM program descriptions, post-award updates, and tips for success. Whether you’re looking for ideas and validation for your school programs or applying to be a School of Distinction, we hope you will find these profiles helpful and thought-provoking.
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Why Technology in Education Studies indicate that ICT-enhanced learning can benefit students, teachers, families, societies, and economies.

Intel's Commitment to Education Intel seeks to improve the teaching and learning experience through the effective use of technology to empower the next generation with 21st century skills. With more than USD 1 Billion and over 200 innovative programs in more than 101 countries, Intel works with governments, IT companies, and NGOs to adapt and localize programs and solutions to transform education and empower the next generation of innovators.