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A sound PC refresh plan plays an important role in any IT strategy. By gaining an understanding of how aging PCs impact productivity, performance, and ROI, you can better determine the right time to upgrade to more current and capable devices.

Learn about the benefits of a PC upgrade

Learn the fundamentals

When budgets are tight, delaying the upgrade of aging devices may seem like the right decision, but the rising cost of supporting these PCs can quickly neutralize any cost savings.

Plan for a PC upgrade

Plan your strategy

Your upgrade strategy can increase productivity, improve security, and ensure compatibility with the latest apps and software. Thorough planning guides and other resources clarify the business benefits of refreshing and outline how you can increase your return on investment.

Decide on the right PCs

Decide on technology

Find the mobile devices that fit the unique needs of your organization, and discover how you can increase ROI by using the Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator.

Learn resources:

Gartner* Report: Notebook Total Cost of Ownership
Find out why upgrading to new mobile technology may cost less than you think. Gartner white paper.

Lower TCO with Intel and Windows* 8
See how Intel® Atom™ processor–based tablets stack up against alternatives in the enterprise. Principled Technologies white paper.

Plan resources:

Planning Guide: Increasing Productivity for Mobile Users
Learn how revamping your upgrade strategy can boost productivity and security.

Webinar: Deploying Windows* 8 and Touch in the Enterprise
Watch Intel experts share insights and experiences with Windows* 8 integration.

Infographic: Tablet, Meet Productivity
Take a closer look at the mobility and performance benefits of Intel® architecture–based tablets.

Decide resources:

Tool: Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator
Get expert analysis of your specific PC refresh program with this powerful tool.

Comparison Guide: Find the Right Device for the Job
Find the right form factor and architecture for your business needs.

Tablet Processor Comparison: The Right Touch for Windows* 8
Easily find a tablet that meets all your business needs with this tablet comparison guide.

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