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Editor’s Pick: Companies Pumping Brakes on Desktop Virtualization

Why Are Companies Pumping the Brakes on Desktop Virtualization?

Gun-shy on desktop virtualization? You’re not alone. Although desktop virtualization continues to gain traction in the industry, organizations have been slow to implement it. In this article, Kevin McLaughlin of CRN asks, “Why Are Companies Pumping Brakes on Desktop Virtualization?” 

While cost and complexity are known concerns, they’re not the only factors. Additional reservations stem from the proliferation of tablets, combined with the emergence of HTML5 as a delivery mechanism for mobile applications. The turbulent economic landscape hasn’t helped, either, because many customers are waiting to see how the mobility market evolves. And last but not least is the hype around virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI. Although VDI is one way to implement desktop virtualization, McLaughlin warns that “some virtualization experts feel that vendor marketing glosses over the associated cost and complexity of the technology.”

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